How to Get There

       1st by Air via PAL or Cebu Pacific to Kalibo and Asian Spirit or Sea Air to Caticlan Airport. Flight time to 35mins to 1 hour from Manila. Also by Sea via MBRS Lines to Caticlan with a transit time of roughly 16 hours.



        2nd From Kalibo Airport to Caticlan Boat Station via Southwest Tours Tourist bus takes 1 hr 30mins. while Tourist shuttle will reach there for less than 10 mins. from Caticlan Airport.



       3rd cross the short straight to the island of Panay mainland via Southwest Tours boat in less than 20mins. (from Caticlan/ Tabon Boat Station to Cagban Pier-Boracay)




      4th Inland island transit via Southwest Tours- escorted Multicab or a Tricycle will get you to your destination resort