1. For online payments,what are the major cards accepted, and what are safety measures you take for online payments.?

Answer: Visa and Mastercard.

Today’s new security standards and technology can make online transactions more secure as well as more profitable. And while risks involved in e-Commerce do arise, minimizing them the way alleviates your serious concerns. Through superior technology and experienced human supervision, Active Risk Management (ARM) with Automated Fraud Alert (AFA) Inside makes a compelling case for the protection of web merchants, their customers and the banks. From the moment an online transaction starts, until settlement and reporting, you can trust our secure payment gateways to keep it secure. Comprehensive security from our payment gateways means your transactions are safely managed and proactively secured at all times. Our payment gateways Active Risk Management flags questionable transactions before they’re completed.

Our payment gateways has been independently audited and assessed by a risk management company to ensure compliance with PCI DSS requirements. PCI-DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PCI DSS defines a set of standards to protect card holder’s data throughout the life cycle of a credit card transaction. Any organization that is involved in accepting, processing, transmitting or storing card data must be compliant with PCI DSS. This means that Merchants, Payment Gateways, Network providers and third part service providers must prove their compliance.

The PCI Standard aligns the security requirements and guidelines developed individually by the card schemes into a single standard that protects cardholder identity and transaction information.

2. What are the steps in making payments?

Answer: We have different ways to offer you in making your payments, for your ease and comfort depending on your needs.

EMAIL BILLING (payment online via credit card).

This form of payment accepts internet payment instantly. You will just click the link attached to your email which brings you into our secure payment gateway area to pay bill on line. This is also ensures security and data integrity with Verisign encryption techniques.


For your payment you can deposit at the following bank accounts:

BPI - 1463-0606-61 (Savings)
Allied - 3451-01396-6 (Savings)

Account Name: Southwest Tours (Boracay),Inc.

* Email or fax deposit slip for confirmation
* (Fax # 036 2683297 / 036 2686000).

3. How do I know the status of my booking?

Answer: You will receive an email from our mailing system to inform you regarding the status of your booking or email us at bookings@southwesttoursboracay.com regarding any concerns and inquiries of your booking.

4 .Is there any customer service trunk line or hotline that accepts reservation 24/7?

Answer: We have a trunk line that will accept your reservation online. Tel.# 2686000 / 2685100 open from 8am to 5pm. Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours PHT. Landline # 2683298 is open 24 hrs. We can also accommodate your inquiries through our Contact Us page.

5. Terminal and Environmental Fees

Answer: Regarding the government fees, Terminal fee is Php 100.00 for incoming (per person) and another Php 100.00 (per person) for outgoing guest. Environmental fee is a one time payment upon guest arrival at the Caticlan Jetty Port for Php 75.00 (per person). Children six (6) years old and above are charged full amount on terminal fee.Children five (5) years old and below are free of charge on terminal and environmental fees. Environmental fee is applicable to children 12 years old and above.

 6. Surcharge

Answer:  Arrivals in Kalibo Airport at 6:00 PM  until 8:00 PM has an additional charge of 20% on transfer fee, for the night navigation.Pick up at 7: 00 PM from hotel/resort also apply the surcharge for night navigation fee.

7. What time can  you accommodate transfers from Kalibo Airport to Boracay Island.?

Answer: Southwest Tours can accommodate regular transfers from 6:20 AM (5J 331), until  8:20 PM arrivals. As long as your booking is reserved and confirmed we will cater your transfer.Charter transfer is advise for later in the evening arrivals.

8. Regular transfer fee

Answer: Regular transfer fee is applied for resorts located in station 1, 2 & 3. For resorts located at Yapak, Diniwid, mountain area of Bolabog, special rate is applied since it is much distant compared to resorts in station 1,2 & 3.

9. Yapak, Diniwid, Mountain area Resorts

Answer: Alta Vista, Fairways and Blue Waters, Cohiba Villas, Palm Breeze Villa, Nami. Artista, Punta Rosa, Monaco Suites, Shangrila, Microtel, Boracay Terraces, Grand Vista, Hotel Soffia, Orinda, Pahuwayan Suites, Tanawin, The Palms, West Cove, Casitas, etc.