Kalibo-One Way Trip

Service Transfer

One way trip transfer(Kalibo Airport)
ImageNamePriceAdd to booking
One way Bus (Kalibo)Php200.00
One way Bus with Fees (Kalibo)Php400.00
One way Bus and Boat (Kalibo)Php275.00
One way Bus and Boat with fees (Kalibo)Php450.00
One way Door to Door (Kalibo)Php350.00
One way Door to Door with fees (Kalibo)Php525.00
One way Kalibo Int'l Airport to Yapak & Diniwid Resorts/Hotels with fees (Kalibo)Php575.00

Terminal and Environmental Fees


Please be advised that you may now book your transportation services including the terminal and the environmental fees for your travel convenience and hassle free transport .